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Player of the Month – December 2023

Great ‘team mate,’ goal tender, ‘burgeoning’ leader

by Laureen Sweeney

Jasper Brandt-Synnott is described as not only a “great goal tender” for the city’s M13B Westmount Wings hockey team, but also as stepping up to play in that same vital position for a second team, in M15B, also in the Westmount Minor Hockey Association (WMHA).
When Jasper, on the cusp of turning 12, heard that an M15B team risked collapsing from a lack of goalkeeper, he volunteered despite his initial nerves, according to Andrew Maislin, president of the WMHA and operations manager of the Westmount recreation centre (WRC). “That, to me, was a marker of respect and loyalty.” Goalies are often few and far between, he explained, and teams simply cannot exist without a goalie. Cited as a “burgeoning leader” by his coaches, Jasper has been named player-of the-month for December. “The dedication it requires to – not only play up a level – but to play on two teams speaks to his love of the game; and it shows!” explained André Brosseau, one of the coaches of the M15B team. “M15B is very happy to have Jasper as our goalkeeper this season. With him, not only do we have a goaltender who wants to learn, but more importantly we have a great teammate.” Attitude sets him apart. Skills aside, one aspect that sets Jasper apart from other young players is his
reported attitude, he explained. His coaches note how he is often the one to lead a team chant, pre-game stretch, encourage his teammates, invite them over to his house for some team-building hot chocolate and chips, and practice his postgame comedy routine for any teammate who hangs around to listen.
It’s hardly about the score for Jasper, Brosseau said. “Whether the team wins or loses, he does what he needs to do and enjoys playing the game. On December 9, Jasper played three consecutive Eastern Hockey League (EHL) games for M15B, M13B, and M13A teams as part of each team’s season schedule.”
In the November Sal Grasso Tournament in Cape Ann, Mass., Jasper played a total of seven games to help Westmount come home with the winning trophy, Brosseau noted. “Props” were also given by the coaching staff to Jasper’s dad, Nick, for ensuring he makes it to all his six to eight ice times a week.

Player of the Month – November 2023

Mason Kaine, November’s player of the month Becoming a ‘play maker’ for his M9-3 hockey team

By Laureen Sweeney

Mason Kaine of the M9-3 Westmount Wings hockey team (for ages nine and under) has been selected as November’s player of the month for city’s Minor Hock ey Association. “Although Mason, aged 7, might be new to competitive hockey, he is working ex tremely hard to support the team and develop his skills,” said Andrew Maislin, president of the Westmount association, who is also operations manager for the Westmount recreation centre. Mason, he explained, had already been called up to play for the higher level M9-2 team during the Cape Ann Sal Grasso Friendship Tournament last month. ‘Right spot’ on ice “Even though the M9 category does not keep score or team standings,” Maislin told the Independent, “Mason has developed into a ‘play maker’ on his team. He seems to be able to always find himself in the right spot, either in front of the net to re ceive a pass from his teammates or back on defence protecting his goalie. We look forward to seeing him progress this season.” He described Mason as a “well-round ed” athlete who participates in other sports during the year such as soccer and baseball, and has completed two years of the M7 hockey program.

A Draw Amongst Friends: 2023 Sal Grasso Friendship Tournament Recap

by Gabrielle Jay-Riendeau

We love hockey. Several comparisons can be made between the Westmount and Gloucester residents who came together for the 2023 Sal Grasso Friendship tournament on the weekend of November 10th and 11th, but above all, what rang the clearest for everyone present was that we all love hockey; it’s hard to explain why we would spend over 10 hours at the arena otherwise!

The palpable buzz of excitement echoed in the hallways to the locker rooms and was visible on the faces of parents and friends in the stands at all hours of the day. From sun-up to well past sun-down, people were ready to play and watch some good hockey— and the players delivered. The kids, from both sides of the border, played their hearts out and left it all on the ice. They skated hard and played smart hockey.

Their efforts clearly paid off as never, in the history of this annual tournament, have the standings been so close that the championship title could go either way. In an intense stand-off up until the very last game, the tournament concluded with a tie on total games won— 15 wins for the Westmount Wings and 15 wins for Cape Ann, leaving the decision up to the largest sum of points scored throughout the games where Westmount triumphed with 117 points.

To commemorate this historic conclusion to the tournament, the President of the Westmount Minor Hockey Association, Andrew Maislin, decided that “in keeping with the spirit of the friendship tournament and given that we hold the Westmount Minor Hockey Association to the highest standards of play, the decision was made to engrave the trophy with both associations’ names for 2023.” As a true testament to the spirit of the event, he continues that “it is more important to share this accomplishment of a tie with both associations” as it celebrates the talent and dedication that both associations put forth into obtaining the winning title and how close it came. Of course, everyone wanted to win. You enter a tournament with the hope and goal of garnering the trophy— but what made this tournament stand out to me was that at the end of it all, after a three-day-long tournament with 31 hockey games played nearly back-to-back, there were only smiles in sight. Despite the cold bite of the icy rink, a certain warmth of pride and friendship filled the arena. Players, regardless of age, gender, or nationality, gave props where props were due and celebrated sheer talent and a shared love of hockey.

As my first time being part of the Sal Grasso Friendship Tournament, I saw firsthand how accurate the slogan rings: “Friendships formed through hockey last a lifetime”… and the memories will as well! 

To flip through more pictures and memories from the 2023 Sal Grasso Friendship Tournament, click here.  

Player of the Month – October 2023

Luca Robinson cited for ‘positive attitude and leadership’

By Laureen Sweeney

“In continuing with the tradition of high lighting a player’s commitment, perseverance, positive attitude and leadership, the Westmount Minor Hockey Association (WMHA) named Luca Robinson (number 56) the Player of the Month for October 2023.” With these words, the October recognition was announced last week by Andrew Maislin, president of the WMHA and operations manager for the Westmount recreation centre (WRC). This is the first player so honoured for the current hockey season. As a member of the M13B Wings team, Luca recorded the first goal for the WMHA for the 2023-2024 season by scoring in the home opener against the Lachine Rapides on October 14, Maislin explained. The goal was assisted by Aryeh Issenman (number 46) in 12 seconds into the second period. Luca has always played for Westmount for various A and B teams throughout his career, Maislin continued. “We are truly impressed by the quiet, yet impactful lead er ship Luca exhibits. His ability to lead by example and stay composed under pressure is remarkable.” Began in 2015 Luca began his career the fall of 2015 as an underage M7-1 player (formerly known as MAHG 1). “Although he might be the quietest play er in the player room,” Maislin said, his presence on the ice is always noticeable. “He uses his formidable size to his advantage and is often first to the puck in the corner. Luca is quick on his skates and always has his head on a swivel. These skills allow him to be the team’s playmaker in front of the net.” His teammates are “fortunate” to have someone as dedicated, focused, and re liable both on and off the ice, Maislin said. “Luca’s quiet strength is an invaluable asset to the team, and we admire his leadership qualities. We look forward to seeing him develop as a player and team leader this season.”


Registration begins for single letters on Tuesday August 1st as of 8 a.m. Participants must be registered prior to August 25th to be considered for the season.

Those interested in trying out for Double Letters (WLLV) can click here to sign up. A reminder that players who are interested in trying out for Double Letters (WLLV) must also register with Westmount Minor Hockey Single Letters to be eligible for tryouts.

Save The Date – Cape Ann Hockey Exchange

It is with great excitement that our annual Cape Ann Hockey Exchange will take place on the weekend of November 10th, 11th and 12th, 2023. This year players from the Westmount Minor Hockey Association will be traveling to the Gloucester Mass. All players from U9 to U15 from the Westmount Minor Hockey Association will be competing in the exchange. We look forward to bringing the trophy back to Westmount this season.

Player of the Month – March 2023

Taryn Mizrahi: hockey player of the month

Quiet style of leadership an inspiration to teammates

By Laureen Sweeney

The Westmount Minor Hockey Association announced at the end of March that Taryn Mizrahi had been selected as the player of the month for the end of the 2022- 2023 season, according to Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the Westmount recreation centre (WRC). Aged 14, Taryn has been in the city’s hockey program since playing in Termite M7 and this year, as the captain of the M15- A Wings, has led his team in a “remarkable” season” in which they won a finalist “silver” banner in the Eastern Hockey League championships (see story and photo April 4, p. 12). Inspiration to team Maislin said Taryn’s coaches, Marcel Bélanger and Pierre-Olivier Perras, stated that Mizrahi has been an inspiration to all his teammates throughout the year and greatly contributed to their success in March as they finished with glory in the EHL conference. “His quiet style of leadership by ex – ample had inspired everyone and impress – ed his coaches,” Maislin explained. “His love of hockey is unparalleled as he manages to play for both Westmount M15-A and Selwyn House School teams.” Taryn is described as shining on the ice as a player, but just as much off the ice as “a really nice young man. For all these reasons, the coaches were thrilled to nominate Taryn as player of the month.” The player of the month is recognition program launched in November 2019 to acknowledge how, through hockey, and sports as a whole, children are able to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, which they can then transfer into other areas of their lives, Maislin said.

INVITATION – Camps de sélection Warriors AAA/AA – Phase 1 – Inscriptions

Bonjour / Hello (English message to follow),

La phase 1 du camp de sélection des Warriors AAA/AA aura lieu au Centre civique de Dollard-des-Ormeaux la fin de semaine du 29 au 30 avril 2023. Afin d’être considéré pour l’une de nos équipes AAA ou AA, vous devez participer à ce camp pour être évalué. Ce camp est ouvert à tous les joueuses de la région du Lac St-Louis.

À la fin de ces sessions, certaines joueuses poursuivront soit la phase 2 du camp de sélection AAA (août) soit notre camp de sélection AA qui se tiendra début septembre.

Voici le lien pour vous inscrire.

Si vous avez des problèmes avec l’inscription et paiement en ligne, vous pouvez contacter notre registraire Sabrina Thibeault par courriel à l’adresse suivante

Merci beaucoup

Monique Blanchette

Directeur des Opérations – Structure Intégrée Warriors AAA/AA du Lac St-Louis

Phase 1 of the Warriors AAA/AA selection camp will be held at the Dollard-des-Ormeaux Civic Center the weekend of April 29-30.  In order to be considered for one of our AAA or AA teams, you must attend this camp to be evaluated.  This camp is open to all female players in the Lac St-Louis region.

At the end of these sessions, some players will either continue in Phase 2 of the AAA selection camp (August) or our AA camp which will be held in early September.

Here is the link to register.

If you have any issues with online registration, please send an email to our registrar Sabrina Thibeault at the following email address:


Monique Blanchette

Operations Director – Structure Intégrée Warriors AAA/AA du Lac St-Louis

Junior AA – 2023-2024 Season

March 29, 2023
Junior AA
After an extremely successful first season The NORTH STARS du EHL are excited to announce
the addition of a Junior AA team for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.
The North Stars Junior AA team will consist of players from Montreal-West / Hampstead, Cote
St. Luc, TMR / Outremont, Saint-Laurent, Verdun, Westmount, Lachine and Lasalle.
The team will play in the Ligue de Hockey Metropolitaine which consists of 14
teams from Laval, Laurentides-Lanaudieres, Richelieu, Montreal and the Lac Saint-Louis regions.
This level of hockey is for elite hockey players from M18 AA, M17 AAA, M18 AAA, Junior A, US
Prep Schools, Collegiale and RSEQ D1.
The age requirements for Junior AA: 2005-2004-2003-2002 
A Message from our Hockey Director + General Manager Eric Rayment:
This will be a very demanding program, we are looking for serious hockey players who are
committed to playing the highest level of hockey. We will a liate our players to Junior AAA
programs in the city and do everything we can to o er our players top level coaching,
equipment and ice time.  
If you have any questions regarding the program, please reach out to Eric Rayment 514-969-


Pre-Camp will be held
Schedule: Saturday April 22, 8:00-9:30pm at Jacques Lemaire arena & Saturday April 29th 8:00-9:30 pm
Saint Laurent Cégep
Groups: to be posted by April 17th on 
Cost: $30
Questions: or 514.969.5595
Payment Method: etransfer to
password: hockey
All payments must be received by April 15th, 2023
Link to register for JRAA Pre-Camp