Player of the Month – March 2023

Taryn Mizrahi: hockey player of the month

Quiet style of leadership an inspiration to teammates

By Laureen Sweeney

The Westmount Minor Hockey Association announced at the end of March that Taryn Mizrahi had been selected as the player of the month for the end of the 2022- 2023 season, according to Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the Westmount recreation centre (WRC). Aged 14, Taryn has been in the city’s hockey program since playing in Termite M7 and this year, as the captain of the M15- A Wings, has led his team in a “remarkable” season” in which they won a finalist “silver” banner in the Eastern Hockey League championships (see story and photo April 4, p. 12). Inspiration to team Maislin said Taryn’s coaches, Marcel Bélanger and Pierre-Olivier Perras, stated that Mizrahi has been an inspiration to all his teammates throughout the year and greatly contributed to their success in March as they finished with glory in the EHL conference. “His quiet style of leadership by ex – ample had inspired everyone and impress – ed his coaches,” Maislin explained. “His love of hockey is unparalleled as he manages to play for both Westmount M15-A and Selwyn House School teams.” Taryn is described as shining on the ice as a player, but just as much off the ice as “a really nice young man. For all these reasons, the coaches were thrilled to nominate Taryn as player of the month.” The player of the month is recognition program launched in November 2019 to acknowledge how, through hockey, and sports as a whole, children are able to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, which they can then transfer into other areas of their lives, Maislin said.