Player of the Month – October 2022

Sports & Rec introduces ‘honorable mentions’

Nadler becomes city’s player of month as first-time goalie

By Laureen Sweeney

Nine-year-old Nixon Nadler has earned the distinction of becoming the city’s player-of-the-month for October, the first of the players chosen for the 2022-2023 season. The Westmount Minor Hockey Association also gave one player in each of its 10 teams an honourable mention. Nixon is being recognized for exemplary leadership, respect, eagerness and enthusiasm in answering the call to strap on the goalie pads this fall having never done so before “to ensure that his team has a goalie for the season,” according to Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the Westmount recreation centre (WRC). “So many associations are desperate for goalies as it is by far the hardest position on a hockey team,” Maislin added. “Nixon, who is part of the M11 B Wings team, has shown exemplary willingness to advance his career as goalie.” He is described as being on the ice six or seven times a week after stepping up to fill the net after the team’s original goalie was injured and unable to play for the sea-son. “It is truly unbelievable to see his progress as a goalie.”

The association is honoured to have young boys and girls who are willing to try a new position, Maislin explained. “Goalies need to be very quick, athletic and have great hands. They also need to be smart, brave and tough for this position, and Nixon shows all those.” He also received honorable mention recognitions for his role on both the M11 A and M11 B teams for which he played. He and others named this week as a new component of the recognition program launched on the association’s website can also be found at The four M9 teams do not have any HM picks as they have not started their season yet. They are expected to appear in November.

Honorable Mentions named This month’s are:

Stella West (M11 all-girls team)

Nixon Nadler (for both of the M11 A and M11 B teams he played for)

William Nesbitt (M13 A)

Sophie Du (M13 B)

Spencer Kaplan (M15 A)

Seokhyun Kwon (M15 B)

Ray Lawson (M18 A)

Save The Date – Cape Ann Hockey Exchange

It is with great excitement that after a short break due to Covid we will be hosting once again our annual Cape Ann Hockey Exchange on the weekend of November 11th, 12th and 13th. This year players from the Cape Ann Hockey Association will be traveling to the Westmount Recreation Center. All players from U9 to U15 from the Westmount Minor Hockey Association will be competing in the exchange. We look forward to bringing the trophy back to Westmount this season.

REGISTRATION Single Letters 2022-2023 Hockey Season

The registration period for sports and recreation activities for the 2022 fall season starts on August 2nd, 2022 for Westmount residents and August 30 for non-residents.

For more information on registration procedures and the various activities offered by the Westmount Sports and Recreation Departmentplease consult the Fall 2022 Activity Guide.

Registration begins Tuesday, August 2nd

REGISTRATION Double Letters 2022-2023 Hockey Season

Hello Parents

I know summer has just began but I wanted to touch base with everyone concerning the upcoming 2022-2023 hockey season. This year, Westmount, LaSalle, Lachine and Verdun (WLLV) will be forming a double letter organization at the AA & BB level. Each organization will be hosting each team on a rotational basis for both practices and games.  

We will be forming one team at the following levels.

·         M11 AA (2012-2013) ATOM

·         M11 BB (2012-2013) ATOM

·         M13 AA (2010-2011) PEEWEE

·         M13 BB (2010-2011) PEEWEE

·         M15 AA (2008-2009) BANTAM

·         M18 AA (2005-2007) MIDGET

If you are interested in playing at the AA or BB level, kindly follow the steps by clicking here.

A reminder that registration for single letters (A, B, C) begins on August 2nd 8 a.m. If your player is trying out for Double Letters, you are required to also sign up for single letters. Should a player make a double letter team, your amount paid for single letters will be transferred directly to the WLLV organization for a portion of your fee.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at the coordinates below.

Thank you

Maislin new VP of Hockey Lac St. Louis, aims to promote girls’ hockey

‘Puts Westmount in the room’ where decisions are made Maislin new VP of Hockey Lac St. Louis, aims to promote girls’ hockey

By Laureen Sweeney

The recruitment of girls for hockey and marketing of their sport have long been goals for Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the city’s Sports and Recreation department. And his appointment June 21 as the new vice-president of the Lac St. Louis hockey federation “puts Westmount in the room where it all happens,” he told the Independent. Hockey Lac St. Louis includes 24 hockey associations like Westmount’s and is a member of Hockey Quebec. The Eastern Hockey League, for which Maislin continues as administrator, is one of the three subdivisions of Lac St. Louis. This additional role “is great for our goal of increasing girls’ hockey in Westmount,” he added. “Now we can steer the ship for our girls.” Girls’ hockey has always been under appreciated around the world, he contended. The marketing of hockey and recruitment of girls, including reaching out to the schools, has been “sorely lacking.” Maislin launched the first all-girls’ hockey team in November 2021 for the Westmount Minor Hockey Association. He also organized and brought to Westmount the nine final games of the season for Lac St. Louis’ girls’ hockey March 27. According to an information bulletin from the Lac St. Louis federation announcing Maislin’s appointment, “Andrew has been entrusted with overseeing the girls’ hockey program, a segment of the hockey sphere that is particularly close to his heart. His diverse experience in sports and recreation management with the city of Westmount for over 15 years is an undeniable asset to the corporation.”
For Maislin, adding the new responsibility “is a part of my life,” he said.

Player of the Month – March 2022

Max Steinberg, city’s hockey player for March
Top scorer for team, chosen for leadership role

By Laureen Sweeney

Being named Westmount’s hockey player-of-the-month forMarch is a salute to Max Steinberg of the U18/M18 Wings’ team. He moves on to the adult hockey program next year, explained Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the city’sSports and Recreation department.In announcing the recognition, Maislin recalled how Max had grown up in the department from the age of 6. “I have seen him develop from an ankle skater to one of the strong est players on his team.” This year, he has taken on a leadership role for the team and has brought them to various victories during the playoffs, Maislin added. “He is also the leading scorer, currently with a recent five-goal game.” Coaches had commented monthly on “how much he has matured not only as a hockey player but as a young adult andleader.” This was one of the objectives of the player-of-themonth recognition programwhen it was launched in October 2019 by the Westmount Minor Hockey Association.The city’s recognition program aims to highlight player contributions and acknowledge the opportunities and skills that minor hockey, and sports as a whole, can offer young people in developing sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, which can be transferred into other areas such as academics and community service, Maislin said. “Max will be moving on to the adult hockey program next year and we wish him well on his next hockey adventure.”

Player of the Month – February 2022

Player of the month for February
Abigail Waters named as an ‘inspirational’ hockey player
By Laureen Sweeney

The Westmount Minor Hockey Association has named Abigail Waters from its Wings U/M9-4 girls’ team as its player of the month for February. At 8 years old, “Abigail is an inspirational player,” said Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the city’s Sports and Recreation department. In announcing the selection, he said it was not often that an association comes across someone “who inspires others to want to play hockey at this young age.” And Maislin witnessed it first hand, he told the Independent last week. “This past weekend, my 7-year-old daughter who wants nothing to do with hockey went to a Wings-versus-Côte St Luc Canucks game to cheer on a few of her friends on the Canucks team. After the game when she came home, I asked her what she thought about the game and the first words out of her mouth were, ‘I want to be like number 16 on your team.’ “I asked ‘Why number 16?’ and her response was so simple and profound. She responded by telling me that every time she saw number 16 on the ice, she was smiling and she looked like she was having so much fun. ‘I want to be just like her.’” Maislin said that Abigail had assisted numerous teams this season when they have been short players. “She has often
played multiple games in a day without hesitation. Abigail has demonstrated true Wings spirit, not just on her team but the teams that she has supported.” Amazing shot She has no fear on the ice, he added. “She has an amazing shot and is always quick to get up when she falls. She has a great hockey sense and is always in the right spot.” While Abigail may be quiet in the room and on the bench, her presence is well noticed on the ice through her consistent performances, he explained. “I look forward to having Abigail in our program for years to come.” The player-of-the-month recognition program was initiated in November 2019 “to acknowledge how, through hockey and sports as a whole, children are able to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, which they can then transfer into other areas of their lives.”

Player of the Month – January 2022

‘Excited, motivated and prepared’
Matthew Frenkiel honoured as player of the month
By Laureen Sweeney

Matthew Frenkiel was named last week as the city’s hockey player of the month for
January, announced Andrew Maislin, operations manager for Westmount’s Sports and Recreation department. “He plays with the U/M9-3 Wings team and is in his first season playing inter-city hockey for Westmount,” Maislin said. No stranger to the game, however, Matthew graduated from the MAHG instructional hockey program. According to the team’s head coach Paul Tsang, “Matthew is a dream to coach because he is excited, motivated and comes prepared to learn every time. He’s a positive influence both on and off the ice, which is so important as young players develop their skills and learn to play as a team. Matthew’s just simply a great teammate.” The player-of-the-month recognition program was launched in November 2019 to acknowledge how, through hockey and sports as a whole, children are able to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, which they can then transfer into other areas of their lives.

Player of the Month – December 2021

Cited for leadership, attitude, team support
Cecilia Chadwick named player-of-the-month for December
By Laureen Sweeney

Westmount’s hockey player-of-themonth for December is Cecilia Chadwick, as announced last week by Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the Sports and Recreation department. He launched the
program in 2019 for the Westmount Minor Hockey Association. Cecilia, who plays with the U/M11 A
“Wings” team, is one of two girls on the team and is playing inter-city this year for
Westmount for the first time after participating in the fall youth league and development clinics in the past. “Since Cecilia started playing team sports with Westmount in 2017, I have never seen her not smiling from ear to ear,” Maislin said. “She has developed into a strong leader within our association who is always up for a challenge.” Maislin said when he asked the coaches why they recommended Cecilia for December’s player he received this response: “Honestly, we could give Cecilia player-ofthe-month every month just for her positive attitude and the support she gives her teammates.” Head coach Dominic Plante explained that “She’s always smiling, she wants to learn and she works really hard all the time. She is a quick and eager learner. She also contributes on the ice. She’s one of the best defencemen on the team.” The program was launched not only to highlight the contributions of players, but also to acknowledge the opportunities and skills that hockey, and sports as a whole, can offer young people, Maislin explains.

Player of the Month – November 2021

Goalie cited for ‘positive attitude’
Ellis is city’s Player of the Month for November
By Laureen Sweeney

The city’s hockey player of the month for November is 12-yearold Zachary Ellis, the goalie for the U/M13 Westmount Wings A team.
This is his first year playing inter-city with the Wings after two years in the city’s house league, according to Andrew Maislin, operations manager for the city’s Sports and Recreation department.
“He has put in the work to improve his game to another level in the month of November,” Maislin explained. “Zachary has put in a tremendous amount of time to improve his skills. He watches videos with practice movements and [practises] on his own whenever he has a chance on the ice. His positive attitude, ability to adapt and eagerness to learn has earned him the admiration of this fellow players and coaches.”
This last month, he has helped his team to five wins and two losses with a 1.85 goals-against average.
The player of the month program was launched two years ago by the Westmount Minor Hockey League to recognize players whose talents have had a positive influence on their teams and peers (see story November 19, 2019, p. 1). “We believe it is important to acknowledge the opportunities and skills that minor hockey, and sports as a whole, can offer young people,” Maislin said. “Through hockey, children are able to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, which they can transfer to other areas of their
lives, such as academics and community service.” The program was suspended in March 2020 at the start of the COVID closures and started up again this October with the naming of Samuel McKenzie from the
U/M18 (Midget) Wings team (see Zachary Ellis. Photo courtesy of Westmount Sports and Recreation. story November 16, p. 5)