Player of the Month – December 2023

Great ‘team mate,’ goal tender, ‘burgeoning’ leader

by Laureen Sweeney

Jasper Brandt-Synnott is described as not only a “great goal tender” for the city’s M13B Westmount Wings hockey team, but also as stepping up to play in that same vital position for a second team, in M15B, also in the Westmount Minor Hockey Association (WMHA).
When Jasper, on the cusp of turning 12, heard that an M15B team risked collapsing from a lack of goalkeeper, he volunteered despite his initial nerves, according to Andrew Maislin, president of the WMHA and operations manager of the Westmount recreation centre (WRC). “That, to me, was a marker of respect and loyalty.” Goalies are often few and far between, he explained, and teams simply cannot exist without a goalie. Cited as a “burgeoning leader” by his coaches, Jasper has been named player-of the-month for December. “The dedication it requires to – not only play up a level – but to play on two teams speaks to his love of the game; and it shows!” explained André Brosseau, one of the coaches of the M15B team. “M15B is very happy to have Jasper as our goalkeeper this season. With him, not only do we have a goaltender who wants to learn, but more importantly we have a great teammate.” Attitude sets him apart. Skills aside, one aspect that sets Jasper apart from other young players is his
reported attitude, he explained. His coaches note how he is often the one to lead a team chant, pre-game stretch, encourage his teammates, invite them over to his house for some team-building hot chocolate and chips, and practice his postgame comedy routine for any teammate who hangs around to listen.
It’s hardly about the score for Jasper, Brosseau said. “Whether the team wins or loses, he does what he needs to do and enjoys playing the game. On December 9, Jasper played three consecutive Eastern Hockey League (EHL) games for M15B, M13B, and M13A teams as part of each team’s season schedule.”
In the November Sal Grasso Tournament in Cape Ann, Mass., Jasper played a total of seven games to help Westmount come home with the winning trophy, Brosseau noted. “Props” were also given by the coaching staff to Jasper’s dad, Nick, for ensuring he makes it to all his six to eight ice times a week.